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Hawks Athletics

Forest Hills Eastern High School


Hawks Athletics

Forest Hills Eastern High School

Hawks Athletics

Forest Hills Eastern High School

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4 months ago @ 12:37PM

FHNE Dance Team Tryouts

FHNE 2020 Dance Team Tryouts For students grades 9-12 at Forest Hills Northern & Eastern


The FHNE dance team performs at multiple home football and basketball games at both schools. In addition, we produce routines in a variety of dance styles that we take to competitions at the end of the winter season. Last year the team went to Orlando, FL where we achieved 8th overall at the national level with our hip hop dance! In an email please list the full name of the dancer, what school they attend, what grade they are in, and attach your tryout videos to that email. There are three sections to this tryout, center technique, across the floor, and the combination (you will find it attached to this email). Please send me a short video of you completing each of the required skills within each section. I will be taking into account technique, execution, and overall energy and performance. If you have any questions please contact me through email and I will get back to you asap. 


Email Coach Weaver  first to receive all of the tryout material (the combination and music)

• double/triple pirouette
• a la seconde combination
• chaines open

• right & left leaps
• side leap
• calypso
• front, right & left battements

• perform the given combination to the best of your ability.
• (music artist and title of song used/ start and end time of music)

*You may also send any additional tricks and skills that you would like to showcase
in a separate video.

Please send all virtual tryout videos to by 8pm on Sept. 4th


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