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Hawks Athletics

Forest Hills Eastern High School


Hawks Athletics

Forest Hills Eastern High School

Hawks Athletics

Forest Hills Eastern High School

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Friday Feb 8 @ 7:00PM

Winter Hawk Rally

Student-Athletes, Coaches and Families

Get Ready fo the WINTER HAWK RALLY !
Coming up on February 8, 2019!

This year, the Winter Hawk Rally will be the athletic boosters only
fundraiser. But in order to make it a success, we need your full 


The Winter Hawk Rally will consist of 3 parts, all of which rely on your participation. The
three parts of the Winter Hawk Rally are:

1. Community Event 4pm-6pm
Much like the fall Hawk Rally, your team will conduct a game for the younger kids. This
is a fun time for the younger kids to be exposed to your sport in a fun way. They think
high school athletes are amazing, amazing!

2. High School Rally 6pm-8pm
Your turn to play!! Sign ups for structured games, teams and competitions (volleyball,
dodgeball, etc.) will begin in January. The second half of this will be unstructured
game time.

3. High school celebration 8pm-10pm
This party’s for you!! Close the night by celebrating in the main gym;
DJ, games, late night grub. And...we promise to play good music.

Our goal with the Hawk Rally is to RAISE AS MUCH MONEY AS WE CAN FOR THE FHE
, which in turn, helps meet the needs of all the athletic teams, like new
uniforms, new equipment, new warm get the picture.

SO... Annual fundraiser donation envelopes will go out after exams, and will be due back the
week of Feb 4, 2019. The collection envelopes empower YOU (student-athletes) to do some
work for the cause. Our goal is for every athlete to collect $50 in donations in the two week
timeframe (similar to the Dance Marathon donation collections last year). Prizes will be
awarded to the top collectors!! More info to come!


Sign Up Genius Link for donations and volunteers:


When you support the athletic boosters, the athletic boosters can support you!

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